Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome to the Bloggery!

Hello Friends!!!!

Welcome to the Adaptation Blogtastic Bloggery! 

For those of you who don't know what adaptation is, well, don't worry, we won't take you out in the back yard and shoot you.... Not this time anyway.... But you have been warned and informed!

Now, we know what you're thinking.... "Great.  Just what I need.  Another blog.  I have too many blogs already.  I am running out of places to hide all of these damned blogs.  Blog this. Blog that.  I feel as though I am overcome by a blog addiction.  I need help.  Not another damn blog!"

Well, we don't even know what you are talking about.  All we heard was blog blog blog. All we know is that we, the people writing the Adaptation Blogtastic Bloggery, know how to have a good time.  And we are here for you.  You need to relax.  Send yourself some flowers.  We do flowers and we deliver!  Or maybe you need some good food... We cater.  How do ya like them apples?  Maybe you and your friends need to just throw a party to unwind a bit.  Well we have event space as well!  

The point is, Adaptation is your one-stop shop for fun.  If you are planning on having fun, let us help you plan it out.  It's what we do... We have ya covered.  And we will riding on our blogship sending you tips and info on how to do the thangs you wanna do.... Word? Word.

We also will be letting you know when we are running specials, when we have something cool and new to show you, when we dress up in banana suits, whatever.... We may even post some pics of our favorite hangover faces....

You get it. 

fun. Fun.  and even more fun.

Blog blog blog.

Mike and Liz (Blogtastic Bloggers)
316 N Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30307


the metric system said...

You guys are awesome!

Thanks again for doing such a great job for my anniversary.

La Belle Cookie said...

Copy Cat!!! Love the blog....I have added it to my list.